What to Consider In Using Electric Actuators

Actuators are simple devices capable of producing short stroke motion in same or different direction. Electric actuators produce motion by the electromagnetic field produced by magnetic coiling. They are composed of a motor, mechanical converter that converts rotary to linear motion and power regulations all in a single unit. Electric actuators are preferred over fluids and other mechanical power mechanisms because of their simplicity and reliability. However before using electric actuators, several considerations should be sought and these include;


According to service provides 12v custom electric actuators, the type of actuator to be used primarily depends on the load of the application to be moved. Load is the primary specification that renders an actuator useful or not. Before using a specific actuator, the dynamic load capacity should match the load to be moved. The force will vary according to screw type and the motor that drives the movement.


The stroke

This is the amount of travel that the application requires. The maximum length of a stroke depends on the design and the load that is experienced by the actuator in extended positions. Actuators experience load variation according to the state of the actuator. Highest load is experienced when in retracted position and lower load in extended position.


The source of power

This is very important and if available should be considered during the evaluation process. In most cases electric actuators require a power source to work. However current and voltage requirements vary. Before you choose an actuator check for the voltage supply that can be 12v, 24v or more, also find out whether the supply is variable or stable and also its frequency. Current requirements of the actuator determine the power supply and wiring gauge.

Applications require different power and therefore choosing an actuator for an application involves considering what power requirements are capable.

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