What To Know Before You Take An RV Trip to Portland

Portland is a great vacation destination in the U.S. because it offers an urban environment, but also outdoor activities, and natural beauty.

Renting an RV in Portland from Outdoorsy or driving to Portland in an RV can be a particularly popular way to see the city, and it is an RV-friendly city.

If you’ve decided to rent an RV from a local rv rentals company, what should you know as you plan your RV adventure to Portland? But if you are still looking for affordable camper van rentals, you may visit sites like https://www.rent.is/ to learn more. The following are some tips and highlights.

RV Parks

There are quite a few RV parks in and around Portland, and there are two in particular that are within the city limits.

One of the most popular is called Jantzen Beach RV Park, which is especially enjoyable in the summer months. It features amenities, so it’s not a campsite for travelers who want to rough it, and some of these are a heated pool, a fitness center, and free Wi-Fi.

Also, you’re only seven miles from downtown, and you can hop on the MAX and take advantage of urban public transportation.

Skiing and Snowboarding

If you’re a snowbird, you’re in luck on a trip to Portland, thanks to Mt. Hood. It’s located east of the city, and it takes about an hours’ drive to get there. It features a volcano peak, and you can even take advantage of the skiing and snowboarding in the summer months.

The Gorge

A can’t-miss outdoor area near Portland is The Gorge. You drive to a town called Corbett, and then you’ll find the access to the trails that go under free-falling waterfalls. There are amazing scenic overlooks above the river, and if you’re short on time, there’s a 2-mile loop hike that you can take as well.

City Kayaking

If you want to stay closer to the urban areas of Portland, but still want a taste of outdoor adventure, consider kayaking the Willamette River.

It provides you with views of the skyline, and you might even see sailboats and Dragonboats.

You can go with a guided kayak tour, or rent them and go it on your own.


If you want something more in the way of indoor activities, Portland has those as well.

There are several museums, and one of the favorites among locals and visitors alike is the Portland Art Museum.

You might also think about the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry or the Portland Children’s Museum.

Sauvie Island

Finally, Sauvie Island is beautiful and good for people who want to bike. It features a 12-mile loop that’s popular on one end of the island, but there are longer loops too.

You’ll have views of the Cascade Mountains on a clear day, and there are wildlife viewing opportunities as well. To get to Sauvie Island, you drive west of Portland to the Sauvie Island Bridge.

These are just a very few of the many things to do in Portland. There are also trendy eateries for brunching, urban parks to visit, and biking and walking tours like the Portland Brewery Bike Tour, trips for foodies, and just about every guided excursion you can think of.


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