What to Look for in Your Accommodation when Planning a Romantic Break

Planning a romantic break is something all couples should do from time to time. It is sometimes difficult to keep the romance alive when you both work fifty hour weeks and life becomes a monotonous routine. Spending a few days in a gorgeous location will help you to reconnect and remember why you fell in love in the first place. You can relax, chill out, and enjoy some quality time together. However, your longed-for romantic break could end up being derailed if you don’t put some extra thought into booking the right accommodation. Here are some tips to make sure you get it right.

Firstly, you need to figure out where to go. Think carefully about what type of romantic break your partner will enjoy. Do they enjoy sightseeing or relaxing on a beach? Are they a skiing enthusiast, or a couch potato? Put your thinking cap on and peruse some options on a site like Resort Property Management. Here, you can take a look at different styles of luxury accommodation, which should help you decide what style of romantic break you think would be appropriate.

Hotel or Self-Catering

There are pros and cons to both. Hotels offer meals on-site and a concierge service, whereas self-catering is more like a home-from-home. If you would rather not lift a finger and order room service instead, a hotel is a better bet, but if you want extra space and the freedom of being able to come and go at leisure, a self-catering apartment, cabin, or condo might be more suitable.

Luxurious Facilities

Whether you book a hotel room or apartment, it needs to be as luxurious as your budget will allow. There are many different types of luxury, from the crumbling grandeur of a historic palazzo in Venice to the 21st century of a 5* hotel in Manhattan.

Think about what type of facilities you want for your break. Does the idea of a personal concierge and chef appeal? Would you enjoy a private pool and hot tub overlooking a gorgeous moonlit bay? Or are you the type of couple that enjoys a more ‘back to nature’ experience?

Create a wish-list and search for accommodation that ticks your boxes.

The Little Extras

Even if this romantic break is not a surprise, it doesn’t hurt to plan a few little extra surprises for your other half, just to up the romance factor. For example, arrange for a nice bottle of chilled champagne and a basket of fruit in your room. This will be a nice touch after a long journey. Bedding is also important. We all like to sleep in our own bed, but a super king bed decked out in Egyptian cotton sheets and silk throws is a luxury anyone can appreciate.

Check whether high-end toiletries are provided in the bathroom. If it is winter, look for a hotel suite with a real fireplace so you can snuggle up and watch the flames. Imagine how romantic that will be!

Great service counts for everything, so if your accommodation provider can’t do enough to help you during the booking process, it sounds like you have made a smart choice.

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