What You Need to Consider Before Installing a Fitted Wardrobe

Even for a person who doesn’t frequently shop, finding enough space in your bedroom closet for all your things can be a challenge sometimes. Sure, you may consider removing clutter every once in a while, but wouldn’t it be a better solution to have more storage space? And one such solution is having a built-in wardrobe installed by a reliable home remodeling company. Not only will you be able to maximise available space in your room, but you can also customise the look and style of the closet. If you need more space, then consider renting a self storage unit.

Why is a fitted wardrobe a better option?

Built in wardrobes get designed and installed according to the available space in your room. Freestanding closets may be readily available in furniture stores, but the available designs and sizes limit your choices. Yes, it will take time to have a wardrobe custom-built, but the benefits far outweigh the waiting time. And since the wardrobe is customised, it will seamlessly complement your room’s interior design.

Choose a design based on the items you will store

Do you have a lot of dresses that need ample hanging space? Or do you need more space for storing shoes and other accessories? The things you will store may be varied, but you can always decide based on how much you have for each category. For instance, you can have bigger hanging space for dresses and more shelves for all your Shoe Hero shoes while limiting the allotted space for drawers. In contrast, you can have more drawers for folded clothing and less space for hanging clothes. Ultimately, your needs should be the top consideration before choosing the type and style of a wardrobe from a supplier.

Plan how you want to use the storage space

Accessibility is another issue when building a wardrobe. You need to think carefully about how and where you want to store your things. Consider the height of the shelves and drawers so that you won’t have a hard time reaching for what you need. The general rule is that you need to put most-used things where you can easily see them. The drawers shouldn’t be too deep or too wide to a point where pushing and pulling becomes a challenge. Talk to the supplier and ask about the standard dimensions so that you can choose one that works for you. If you have tons of clothes, then get a personal self storage unit.

Consider a mixture of open shelves and drawers

Generally, the more drawers you add, the more expensive the construction. Drawers are great for the bottom sections of your wardrobe. But if you want a more affordable built-in wardrobe, open shelves will do just fine. You can use storage baskets or boxes for a more organised approach to storing your things. Shelves are not only functional but use less material to build, hence more affordable overall.

When it comes to hanging space, consider having it installed at different heights. This way, you can easily organise tops, trousers, and dresses. Women usually require more hanging space than men, so if the wardrobe is for a couple’s bedroom, you need to account for both you and your partner’s needs when designing the wardrobe. With the help of the best orange county custom home builders you can redecorate your space at home.

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