What You Should Know Before You Install a Skylight

Are you thinking of installing skylights for flat roofs? Before you actually do, you must first know how to do so.

According to roofing contractors, a skylight is basically a window in your roof. It allows natural light to come into your house, so you can save energy and lessen environmental footprints. If you don’t have much experience with roofing, then make sure you hire a professional residential roofing contractor to get the job done.

Adequate exposure to sunlight provides a myriad of health benefits as sun is a readily available source of vitamin D straight through your roofing. It helps prevent mood disorders and reduce depression symptoms. Sunlight also speeds up recovery from illness or surgery.

Sometimes, damage to a commercial roof can be repaired without the need for a full replacement. However some roofing experts like commercial roofing Urbandale IA specialists are experienced ones in assessing the condition of all roofing systems and offering repair solutions to fit your budget and requirements with efficiency and care.

It also acts as a natural disinfectant that prevents fungus build-up in your house.

Natural light in your living space greatly improves the aesthetics of your house interior, too. It lightens up the vibe of your house to always make it feel like summer!

However, there are things you should know first before deciding to install skylights by roofing contractors.

1. Types of skylight for your roof

Spend some time in researching the different types of skylight you can even get help from residential roofing services so you will know which one is best for your property. There are three kinds of skylights—fixed, vented, and tubular.

Fixed skylights are easy to set up and least likely to leak if you install it properly. If the seal breaks because of wrong installation or any other reason, moisture can accumulate.

Vented skylights fix the moisture issue and allow proper ventilation. However, leaks can happen during bad weather because it is not sealed.

Tubular skylights, often called as sun tunnels, are a type of fixed skylights. They are good for small spaces like entryways and hallways because they can’t provide enough natural light in large spaces. Visit their website for more information.

Among the three, fixed skylights are a better choice as long as you hire a reputable commercial roofing company to set it up. However, if you have an enclosed space and you want a moving air flow, you can pick vented skylights for your roof, as explained by the website https://primeroofingfl.com/blog/time-roof-lasts-florida/.

2. Safer types of skylight glass

It’s best to check if the skylight glass is strong enough to survive harsh weather conditions.

During typhoons or hurricane, your skylights can break. That’s why you should opt for tempered glass or laminated glass.

Tempered glass is the type of glass used in car windshields. It can break into small pieces, but it would not cause significant injury. Laminated glass is a safer choice as it is covered with film. Once the glass breaks, the film prevents it from falling.

3. Proper placement

Skylight placement should not be a quick decision to make. It helps to make a space blueprint before you start cutting your roof open.

The placement of the skylight depends on the size of the area you want to illuminate. The bigger the area, the bigger the size or the quantity of the skylights you will need.

Final Thoughts

Now that you are aware of the basic things about the skylight, you may now plan on the type of the skylight your house requires. The next step is to ask help from skylight installation to professionally install your skylights.

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