Which 007 Gambles the Most?

It seems no matter which of the Bond films you watch, there will be a scene that features 007 betting on something or other. Whether it’s staking millions against Le Chiffre at the poker table or wagering a few thousand on rounds of golf, the world’s most famous secret agent certainly likes to gamble.

But in the 50+ years Bond has been gracing the silver screen, which iteration of the character has gambled the most money? According to a new infographic from Mr Gamez, the most frequent gamblers have been Sean Connery & Roger Moore, staking money on everything baccarat to craps. Those two are also the most frequent winners – never losing money in the casino or on the golf course.

However, they’re not the biggest winners (or indeed, responsible for the biggest stake). That honour goes to Daniel Craig, mainly due to his role in Casino Royale, where he bets millions of pounds of taxpayers money in Texas Hold ‘Em Poker again the aforementioned villain, Le Chiffre. As a result, poker is Bond’s most successful game, although it’s not his favourite. Throughout the films, 007 has sat at the baccarat table more than any other, making it his preferred way to gamble – this is fitting, given baccarat is usually cited as the game of choice in Ian Fleming’s novels. His performance has encouraged people to involve in Judi online casino gambling on CasinoSlotsMoney.com

Of all the Bond’s, only one has lost money in the casino – George Lazenby. Wearing the classic Bond suit only once in On Her Majesty’s Secret Service, Lazenby loses twenty thousand Francs at baccarat by covering the losses of a woman at the table. There’s a suggestion he gets this money back later in the film, but it’s enough for the infographic to count him as the biggest loser when it comes to gambling. Online gambling with BTV168 on trustworthy sites gives one a full casino experience.

You can check out the full infographic below:

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