Why Arnon Dror Is My Inspiration

I studied business here in Portland, Oregon and win our second semester we were asked to select a successful business person that could serve as an inspiration to younger business minds. Whilst many would choose high profile entrepreneurs like Bill Gates or Carlos Slim, I decided to keep it local and choose the wonderful Arnon Dror. Arnon has forged a highly successful career as both a businessman and a high level professional who has held roles such as VP of finance and operations at industry leader Xerox. I initially chose Arnon because he was from Portland, Oregon and the more that I found out about him, the more I realized that I had made the best choice.

Helping Others

Arnon is a fantastic mentor to many young business people and he is also instrumental in the lives of many young professionals, trafficking information to them by the bus load to further help their careers. Arnon is also a frequent lecturer and often spends time in schools sharing his knowledge. I later found out that Arnon had a mentor himself when he was just starting out and this is why he makes sure to always give back.


When you become the VP of a business giant like Xerox it must be very easy to let everything go to your head and start believing your own importance, not if you are Arnon Dror. In fact everyone that I have spoken to about Arnon during those years tells me that he was the most humble and kind person that they had worked with and that he had a particular knack for getting the best out of people, without having to shout and ball in order to get it done.

Forward Thinking

Arnon told me in an interview that we had that he was petrified of failure and for that reason he was obsessed with the future when it came to his businesses. There were two reasons behind this which are that he wanted to be the first person to spot a new opportunity arising and he also wanted to be warned in advance of any danger that was on the horizon.


I think what is probably most impressive about this man is his ability to build and maintain relationships across the world of business and beyond, and not just here in Portland, Oregon. Everyone I speak to has only positive things to say about the man, which is quite rare for anyone that has moved in the circles that he has.


The final reason as to why this man is a great inspiration is because he is someone that gives back to the community where he grew up. If more business people and successful people like Arnon did this then the world would be a far better place for everyone that is living in it.

A truly successful man and a great inspiration.

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