Why More Business Travellers are Opting for Serviced Apartments

Both leisure and business travellers alike enjoy the unique advantages of staying in hotel alternatives. For most business travellers, accommodation should not just provide a place to sleep and store belongings, but be a place where they can live, work, and feel at home – especially if they’ve embarked on a lengthy business trip. Apartments have become a top choice for many business travellers today, thanks to their flexibility, home-from-home benefits, and added perk of hotel-standard comforts.

#1. Cost Advantages:

Any business-savvy traveller wants to keep costs to a minimum during a business trip, whilst maximising their comfort and amenities during the stay. Services two bedroom apartments come with a range of cost advantages, particularly for those who are planning to stay long-term. For example, an overnight stay in a three-star hotel costs an average of £75 per night, whilst a serviced apartment could be booked for just under £800 for the entire month, resulting in a saving potential of around 40%. And, with just under 30% of worldwide business travellers spending over 31 days per year away from home, it’s easy to see why serviced apartments are quickly becoming a more popular option.

#2. Home-From-Home Feel:

Spending a large amount of time away from home can be frustrating and difficult for business travellers, and nobody wants to spend their spare time confined to one hotel room for more than a few days at a time. These serviced apartments Belfast provide business travellers with a ‘home from home’, including several different amenities that hotel rooms usually don’t provide, such as a fully-equipped kitchen, laundry facilities with drop off laundry service, and entertainment facilities that allow business travellers to feel that they are going home at the end of the day rather than to a confined space.

#3. More Space:

Additionally, a serviced apartment offers a far greater amount of space compared to a standard hotel room. For business travellers, this provides them with more room to get work done – there’s usually a separate bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, and living and dining area at the very least. This means that business travellers can set up an office that’s away from their sleeping area, and it makes it much easier to hold meetings from the apartment in a professional setting, compared to meeting in a hotel room. As a result, this can also help to keep costs down since there’s a much lower need to hire out office spaces or conference rooms for the duration of the trip.

#4. Hotel-Standard Perks:

Last but not least, all the advantages of staying in a serviced apartment come with hotel-like perks on top. Business travellers can expect a much greater degree of freedom and privacy when staying in an apartment, but enjoy all the luxuries of staying in a hotel including daily maid service, towels and linens replaced several times per week, high-speed internet and telephone connections, and often, a front desk available 24 hours a day.

If you’re travelling for business, don’t confine yourself to a hotel room! There’s a reason why more and more business travellers are opting to stay in serviced apartments around the world.

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