Working Fashion: The Key Looks For The Office

Dealing with your wardrobe every day to come up with an outfit for work can take up a lot of time and effort. You probably have experienced chucking everything out of the closet except for your formal dresses and still despair at having nothing to wear. Well, despair no more as we have some great tips that can help you look good and feel great from Monday to Friday!

Outfit ideas

You don’t have to stick to the same look every day, you can spice up your corporate workwear or else you might get bored and give up altogether. Here are some outfit ideas and key looks you can play with!

  • Classic professional – dress suits, twinsets, and other serious-looking clothing pieces fall in this category. This look exudes power, but do it often and you’ll mostly look boring after a week.
  • Business casual – jeans to work? Why not? The key to making this look work is to wear heels with your jeans and top it all off with a structured shirt or silky blouse, plus a crisp-looking blazer. Check out for more silk clothing.
  • Flirty and feminine – the work environment may make you work like a bull, but that doesn’t mean you have to look like one. Show off your girly side with knee-length dresses and pair these up with smart blazers, and wear your favorite pair of ballet flats to make you feel pink all over.
  • Office glam – when you have a hot date after work and have no time to change, glam it up! Go wear your cocktail dress, long trousers, and heels, cover up with a blazer, and wait until the clock strikes the end of your shift. It’s easy enough to take off the blazer when it’s time to bring on the sexy.

Work fashion basics

You can look professional without having to invest in a hundred-dollar suit with just a few basic pieces of clothing. When buying clothes, consider how often you can mix and match an item. Here are some of fashionable pieces you must absolutely have in your closet:

  • Black pants – a staple in many a professional’s wardrobe, black pants can be worn repeatedly several times a week and no one will notice. When buying black pants, find a cut that looks good on you and would go perfectly with your blouses or dress shirts.
  • Pencil skirts – pencil skirts are classic pieces that can be easily paired with blouses, sweaters, cardigans, and button-ups.
  • Sheath dresses – sheath dresses usually have the same hemline as the pencil skirt and are great for Friday after-work drinks. A sheath dress is the perfect work-to-play outfit!
  • Blazers – blazers can make the casual look formal, especially when you suddenly get called to a business meeting with an important client.
  • White or pastel blouse – the blouse can easily go with the black pants and your pencil skirt, and covered up with a jacket or blazer. A blouse with a ruffle or scalloped collar adds a nice touch to a basic piece.

The most important thing to keep in mind when choosing outfits for work is comfort—you may look smart, but if you feel stupid for wearing shoes that pinch your feet, it will show in your face and how you move. And when in doubt, remember to stick to the basics!

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