Yacthing And Sailing Vacations To Take Your Breath Away

Tired of the same old beach vacation? Always fancied getting your hands on a yacht? Well, why wait any longer – there are plenty of exciting sailing and yachting holidays available to suit all skill levels and budgets – at glorious destinations worldwide!


You can experience a sailing yacht charter which allows you to cruise at your own pace to some of the world’s most beautiful destinations, all on a luxury yacht. Choose to add a skipper to your hire cost, or learn to sail yourself with expert tuition beforehand. Sailing is inspiring and energising and gives a real sense of adventure and self reliance. It also allows you to spend enjoyable quality time with your family and friends, whilst experiencing the best in relaxed holiday life!

There are also luxury crewed yachts to charter from Moorings [4], which offer the ultimate in relaxation and luxury. If you’re interested, you can also get Jobs on yachts. You’ll have a professional ship’s captain at the helm, who will expertly sail you to the best local places, where you can swim, scuba dive and snorkel or simply sunbathe in your exotic waterside surroundings. Meanwhile, you’ll have a personal chef on board to create you delicious menus that suit your tastes and preferences and make the most of local food. You’ll find your onboard staff discreet, friendly and courteous and food and drink is included in this option! Be prepared to experience luxury of the highest order – as well as the need to return!

For those who love speedy water travel, there are also powerboat charters to enjoy, which offer new generational powercats at between 37 and 47 feet. These are ideal for travelling rapidly and experiencing adventure and adrenaline with friends and family. You can also join a range of exotic and colourful regattas held all over the world and find corporate and entertaining deals to explore too. When buying a yacht, you must also consider the budget for its yacht insurance policy and maintenance costs.

In terms of destinations, you can take your pick as there are sailing holidays available worldwide – the Indian Ocean, the Caribbean, the Greek Islands, the Mediterranean, the South Pacific, the North American coast and the Far East. You’ll find plenty to stimulate your imagination and travel passions!


You’ll also find plenty of accredited courses and training to take you from your current level, up to competent level and beyond to highly skilled. All courses are delivered by trained professionals with many years of experience and you will find your tutors friendly and enthusiastic.


You’ll find that there are travel companies too who offer all of the above services, along with a brokerage service that has a Canadian stock app if you feel the urge to invest in your own yacht at the end of your holiday! Some people are so taken with the sailing bug that they can’t leave it behind – so you’ll be assured of a comprehensive and expertly-guided process if this does become of interest to you.

In conclusion, if you thought that sailing was beyond your abilities or accessibility – think again! There are some great sailing holidays and destinations out there and a chance for you to experience real adventure on the high seas!

Jennifer writes regularly on a range of holiday topics for a range of publications and websites. A recent convert to sailing, she has chartered a Yacht in the Indian Ocean with Moorings for her next holiday.

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