Your All-Important Guide to Hiring a Live in Caregiver – and What it Involves

Most of us are independent individuals who are used to doing everything on our own – be it performing daily tasks and responsibilities, cooking, cleaning, and even washing and bathing. But there may come a time when either you or a loved one would need help and assistance, whether needing a Home Meal Delivery or an In Home Care Service – and this is where the invaluable service of a caregiver comes in. While some would move their elderly relatives to a senior living facility, others prefer to hire a caregiver to take care of them at home. Hiring a caregiver can give you peace of mind and the freedom you are used to – especially when it involves live in care, as you can still stay in the comfort of your own abode and benefit from being independent.

But if you are thinking of hiring a caregiver, what exactly does it involve? Here, your top questions and concerns are answered.

What you should take note of

The first step you should take if you would like to hire a caregiver is to do research on available live in care agencies in your area. Why an agency? Simple: because with an agency, you don’t have to think about the caregiver’s training, salary, schedule, holiday hours, and taxes – all of these aspects are already taken care of by the agency itself. Thinking of the paperwork involved in hiring a caregiver can give you more stress – but with an agency, you no longer have to worry about these things. Also, agencies have certain standards of care, especially if they are regulated by the Care Quality Commission. This gives you additional peace of mind knowing that the caregiver you have is following strict rules and guidelines and will make sure that you or your loved one’s needs are their priority.

24 hour live in care: what to expect

If you are thinking of having 24 hour care at home, then you may have to deal with different caregivers. Live in care agencies will often provide you with two or more caregivers so these caregivers can take shifts. Often, a caregiver will stay with you for about two weeks, and then another caregiver can take over. This allows each caregiver to have the chance to rest and take a few days off. Also, if you have a live in carer at home, they should be given a break of about two hours each day to allow them time to rest and do some of their personal chores and errands.

Having a live in caregiver means you would also have to provide them with the proper accommodation and food (although, when it comes to food, they can prepare meals for you as well as them as part of their tasks).

Choosing to have a live in caregiver is a decision that needs to be discussed by the whole family. But if you are already confident about your decision, then the next step is to choose the best caregiver for your needs.

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