Was the Latest iPhone REALLY Worth Queuing For?

There is always a great deal of excitement every time a tech giant releases a new model, just as there is on the various social networks when they are being announced at the latest press event. The finest example in recent times refers to the latest iPhone – the 6 – and the 6 Plus, the largest model that Apple have produced to date, and the Apple Watch, the much-anticipated first piece of wearable technology from the tech giant. Stay updated to global news and events always by visiting GNW website, never miss an exciting events happening in the world now!

While the press events can cause all kinds of uproar on Twitter and alike with members of the world’s media and the general public giving their views on what’s being unveiled – both positively and negatively – there is a similar amount of commotion around the item going on physical sale. Get the most out of your iPhone by using the iphone unlock free tool. When the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus went on sale in the UK, one Apple store in Manchester had people queuing up a full 18-HOURS before it could officially go on sale, just to be one of the first to get their hands on the device.

It’’s understandable, to some extent, that there will be a great deal of excitement surrounding a product release – Apple are famous for producing some of the best pieces of tech on the market after all – but do people really need to be spending their time queuing up outside a store to be “one of the first” to own one, when they probably already own a variety of great devices which are sitting around their home and may only be a few months old. The previous iPhone, the 5S, hasn’t actually been out that long, while there has also been a number of software updates for existing models to keep them updated so why all the commotion around the iPhone 6?

Sure it gives people the chance to show off to their friends that they’ve got the latest gadgets, leaving their friends and family behind with their “old” iPhone 5S that they’ve already sold online using a site like www.onrecycle.co.uk which gives people money for their old tech, but the iPhone 6 isn’t actually that different to its predecessors…have Apple run out of ideas?

The answer to that question, clearly, is no. They’re still producing phones and other devices that have something new, whether it’s fingertip security access or the innovative designs to maximise the amount you can do with the device. The new model has a better battery life (it could hardly be worse it has to be said), and the ability to use a variety of keyboards including predictive text to send messages easily – even while using an application with the slide feature. It is then also possible to use two Whatsapp numbers on the one phone (so you can have a different number for your business which makes things a great deal easier), have a look at a service like https://www.yourbusinessnumber.com/blog/how-can-i-get-a-virtual-uk-number-for-whatsapp-verification for more information.

While the phone itself is without a doubt “the best yet”, because they’ve taken the already world-changing model and added new features; they still haven’t addressed another of the big issues – the price. While everywhere you look somewhere is using an Apple device, be it an iPad, Mac or iPhone, the iPhone 6 is the most expensive smartphone on the market with prices varying depending on the type of contract you take out.

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Obviously it isn’t putting people off – hence the 18-hour queues in Manchester and other cities around the world – but you would think that Apple didn’t have to price anybody out of the market, unless they’re so keen to sell the latest model at whatever cost in order to scrap the production of the cheaper models leaving them with no choice.

In my opinion, the latest iPhone – while being undoubtedly a great phone – is not worth people queuing up through the night for. Is this merely a case of being too “flash with the cash” perhaps? It is definitely all about showing off to your friends – why do you have to be there at the 9am store opening for example when you could easily go at lunchtime? It’s not as though you’re going to waste your time making sure the phone is right for you if you’ve already decided to buy it!

Queuing up overnight has had its day. People do it for concerts, film premieres and all kinds of product releases; but in the case of products, and gadgets specifically, a few hours won’t make a difference in the grand scheme of things – especially when you go and drop it moments later like the guy in Australia in this video clip – oops!

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